For sales reps, Hustle is an added tool to help them achieve their sales goals. It’s not going to take a lot of time. You’re going to see results. It gets your sales team to buy into the vision of being efficient.

  • Brendan Jones, General Manager, Ticket Sales for UNC Athletics

The Problem

With 43 NCAA team championships in seven different sports, the Tar Heels have won more NCAA championships than any other Atlantic Coast Conference school. Even with winning teams and loyal fans, reaching people to sell tickets can be difficult; especially when fewer people pick up the phone and everyone’s inbox is saturated with unwanted emails.

The Carolina Athletics Department made 60 quality, outbound calls per ticket rep per day to alumni and past ticket buyers and reached about 20 people on an average day. It’s all a numbers game, but there’s only so many hours in a day.

The school maintains a high level of excellence by constantly innovating and finding a better way. It’s no surprise Brendan Jones, General Manager for Ticket Sales, discovered Hustle. Before Hustle, Brendan evaluated other texting solutions but he determined them to be too transactional and customer service oriented. Hustle was the only messaging solution positioned to build genuine relationships and simultaneously generate new business.

The Solution

During a 30 day partnership of using Hustle against traditional phone calls, the Carolina Athletics ticket reps sold football group tickets, football season tickets, and basketball single game tickets. Within the first few hours of the campaign, they were blown away by the efficiency of using Hustle. Not only were they able to reach more people, but they were also able to get to the “no” a lot faster which saved their reps countless hours of emails and phone calls.

“The speed in which we were able to do outreach was unbelievable. In the amount of time we spent texting folks, which was about three hours, we made almost $5,000. The amount of time that took was nothing, compared to the time we spent on phones. I’m pretty impressed, pretty pleased at the results we saw.”

Their team got responses from people like never before which unlocked opportunities with new customers.

“We had previously left six unreturned voice mails with one guy. So, in other words, they did not call us back after six voice mails. But we included them in this texting campaign and they responded right away and they bought the mini plan. That’s four basketball mini plans for $1,120 with one text!”