We used to spend hours organizing for a workshop and thanks to Hustle we have been able to organize for events using only text. It now takes only minutes for us to draft our message and send it to relevant members about upcoming events in their communities.

  • Cress Clippard, Program Manager, Central Region

The Problem

In an increasing diverse cultural climate, Travis Manion Foundation (TMF) strives to unite and strengthen communities and America’s national character. By working with veterans and families of the fallen, TMF pushes individuals to be the best versions of themselves and improve the community's collective character. Building that community requires solid, reliable communication, and in the age of unread emails and unanswered phone calls, TMF needed a new channel to connect with its members.

The Solution

Reaching out to veterans to connect them with career opportunities and professional development resources, the team at TMF used Hustle to invite service members to workshops in their local areas, providing them opportunities to meet with fellow veterans and their families and to build relationships.

The Outcome

Texting from local area codes, the team at TMF connected with a third of their audience—with the vast majority pledging attendance and many sharing the invitation with fellow service members in their personal networks.