Having Hustle as another tool in my sales reps’ arsenal is huge. If you’re struggling to get in touch with the people and are looking for a new creative, easy way to get in touch with people then Hustle is the tool for you.

  • Matt Seagall, Interim General Manager

The Problem

Founded in 1884, Temple University is a top-tier public research university experiencing incredible momentum powered by academic excellence and innovation in college access and affordability. Their athletics program has won eight National Championships and their teams play in some of the top venues, including Lincoln Financial Field, one of the NFL’s premier stadiums and home of the Temple Owls football program. The school’s rich, winning history makes it easy to be a loyal fan whether you’re an alumni, parent of an alumni, or a casual observer.

Even with an engaged fan base, sometimes reaching them to sell tickets is a challenge. Matt Seagall, Interim General Manager for Temple University Athletics agrees. “That’s the challenge—how do we get in touch with people? Whether we continue to call and leave voicemails or sending out emails. The young alumni was a group that we really struggled to get in touch with over the summer. We continued to call and call and you end up spinning your tires.”

Matt’s team was making at least 80 cold calls a day per sales representative to businesses, past ticket buyers, alumni, and parents of alumni to sell single game tickets, season tickets, and mini plans. On a good day they reached about 25. For a school that strives for excellence, these numbers just weren’t good enough. Matt had the foresight to start researching texting options for selling tickets. That’s when he found Hustle.

The Solution

Temple Athletics decided to do a test of Hustle’s texting platform for their upcoming Homecoming game. This was one of the biggest games of the season so the pressure was on both Hustle and Matt’s team to win big. They replaced the traditional multiple phone calls and emails to their fan base with one introductory text. The purpose of the text was to sell a ticket by phone—either to quickly get people on the phone or book a future phone meeting. For the people that couldn’t attend the Homecoming game, they sent a link with a promo code for a future game.

At the end of the pilot, Matt and his team were ecstatic with the results. Not only did they sell 8x more tickets with Hustle than by phone, they were also able to reach 15x more people per rep per hour.