Hustle proved to be a very cost-effective means of acquiring new donors from a pool of active prospects and compares extremely favorably with costs per acquired donor in our primary acquisition channel, direct mail.

  • Jeff Zick, Response Fundraising Manager

The Problem

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters. PETA relies on the support of its donors to fund its programs that protect animals from inhumane conditions and cruel treatment.

Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement and annual opportunity for people to give back to the causes they believe in. Taking place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday is one of the most important days of the year for PETA. This single day of donor activation officially kicks off the end-of-year giving season and its impact is huge—across all nonprofits around the world, over $300M was raised on Giving Tuesday in 2017, up 63% from the year before.

Given the phenomenal potential for impact on Giving Tuesday, PETA knew they had to activate their donors in order to kick off a successful giving season. However, their usual approach of phone calls and direct mail were very expensive methods for acquiring new donors. PETA needed an additional solution that was cost effective and easy to implement to help accelerate donor activation.

The Solution

While phone calls are an effective means of securing donations, traditional auto-dial telemarketing solutions only allow an average of 110 calls per hour. However with Hustle, 1,500 messages can be sent per hour—proving to be an efficient as well as cost effective method of quickly reaching contacts on Giving Tuesday.

PETA sent text messages to 4,833 active members who had never donated. Their messages were casual and focused on how the supporter’s donation could also unlock a special $10,000 match for Giving Tuesday.

The Outcome

As a result, PETA completed their Giving Tuesday campaign with just a few hours—a huge time savings compared to the multi-day effort phone calls required. This helped PETA see a 3.4x higher conversion rate with Hustle than with phone calls. Because text messaging is a quick and efficient method of reaching donors, they were able to see a 94% increase in net revenue per contact as well as a 44% decrease in total cost per donation. Plus, when compared to direct mail which has a longer term return on investment, PETA increased their net new donation by 143%.