I was someone who didn’t believe that this would work for our organization. I was so thrilled with how things turned out. The comparison between people who pledged vs. those who declined to give was easily 5 to 1.

  • Warren Egersheim, Annual Campaigns Manager

The Problem

Mercy for Animals is dedicated to preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. They are on the frontlines fighting to protect animals, from factory farms to the courts of public opinion. Consistent fundraising is critical to support this extensive, ongoing work. However, the standard channels were becoming less and less effective for engaging and cultivating current and new donors.

The Solution

Hustle offered a new channel for donor engagement and stewardship that was personalized, yet efficient. Because donor relationships are sacred, Warren of Mercy for Animals was initially hesitant to use Hustle for end of year asks. So we performed a test, sending the ask at different times to comparable donor group. We launched the Hustle ask for the first group the weeks of Dec. 18th, and sent to the second group the week of Dec 25th.

The Outcome

Both asks were incredibly successful, with the first resulting in gifts from 102 donors and the second bringing in 80 gifts. Mercy for Animals hoped to raise somewhere between $5,000 - $10,000 through Hustle and was able to surpass their goal, raising over $14,000 to support their work!