With Hustle, you can receive the answer you’re looking for within minutes, vs email, where people generally check it at the beginning or end of the day. People are not always available to talk, but they can definitely look down at their phone and respond to us quickly, whether they’re in a meeting or in class.

  • Kenny Zapata, Admissions Recruiter

The Problem

Mercy College is committed to providing students the opportunity to transform their lives through higher education by offering liberal arts and professional programs in personalized and high quality learning environments. With an ever growing pool of applicants, Mercy needed a new way to connect with future students in a timely manner and gauge their level of interest and probability of enrollment, which providing the best possible experience for prospective students.

The Solution

Mercy used Hustle to decrease the time it took for staff to connect with applicants. With competition for the best applicants high, it was critical the Mercy cut through the noise and connect with students in a timely manner. In addition to 1:1 text, Hustle also provided a robust set of data tools that enabled Mercy to collect and categorize qualitative data,. This data added relevant information to applicant files, allowing the admissions team to better assess prospective students.

The Outcome

After just over a month of using Hustle, Mercy had already seen incredible results, with 38% of the total number of students texted responding and fewer than 0.001% opting out. Not only was Mercy able to reach its goal of reducing their response time to less than 24 hours, they also succeeded in getting first time, full-time freshmen to engage with the school-a sharp contrast to previous efforts that relied on outbound phone calls that simply would go unanswered. With the success of Hustle, Mercy is now looking to help other departments across campus adopt Hustle, empowering others to communicate with their students through the channel students prefer.