Hustle has completely changed how we do outreach, revolutionizing our turnout and making us look like rock stars.

  • Sarah Locke-Henderson, Community Affairs, Lyft

The Problem

Lyft was founded in June 2012 and is the fastest growing rideshare company in the U.S., available to 95 percent of the US population. Removing barriers to continued growth is a key priority for Lyft, who find themselves facing the challenges of operating within highly regulated, yet uncertain business conditions. Lyft needed a way to proactively engage and activate its community of drivers and riders to advocate for beneficial legislation. The biggest issue they faced was scaling outreach and getting people’s attention in short spans of time in an era where email blasts see low open rates and app-based communications go unnoticed.

The Solution

Using Hustle, Lyft could segment their audience and align corporate advocacy campaigns with curated groups of contacts. Leveraging the scalability of Hustle’s platform, Lyft was able to launch and run localized campaigns quickly and efficiently in every corner of the United States. In addition, they used Hustle to expand their efforts to strengthen and support local communities, from hosting Driver appreciation events where they could meet members of the Lyft team, to encouraging Drivers to volunteer their time or cars to help out with community or non-profit events in partnership with Lyft.

The Outcome

With Hustle, Lyft has seen their engagement rate increase to 23% across the organization, as well as enabled them to expand their outreach to over 70 cities. They’ve engaged and activated drivers and riders to attend hearings and town halls, call legislators, and sign petitions. One of their greatest achievements with their community-based outreach occurred when they were able to quickly mobilize their drivers across three cities as part of their Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. As a result, Lyft was able to deliver 1,000 pounds of supplies in addition to their donation of $100,000 to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund!