For the organizations with whom we partner, adding Hustle to our communications mix has increased engagement, reinstated donors, enhanced revenue in other channels, and even triggered gifts of $1,000 or more. For organizations who are serious about focusing on donor-centric strategies, I’d enthusiastically recommend Hustle as the right way to level up your current efforts.

  • Chrissy Hyre, Vice President

The Problem

At Fearless Mobile Strategies, we are always considering the most effective ways to continue to engage—and retain—these donors into 2018 and beyond. The struggle is real: every organization faces stiff competition for our donors’ attention in their mailboxes and inboxes. How can we cut through the clutter and help donors stay informed of the impact their support makes?

The Solution

To address this challenge, our response needed to be twofold. First, we wanted to leverage the power of Hustle to facilitate highly personal conversations with our donors and enhance key performance metrics. And, we had to create a solution that expanded the reach of the organization’s development team, rather than further stretching their resources.

The Outcome

Results were incredible and lifted performance across every segment. Receiving a text message lifted response rate in the mail by 31% and average gift in the mail by 4%. In our test group, income increased by 38%—and despite the increased costs of the phone append the launch of the text, our net revenue increased by 31% in the test group as well!