Hustle allows our team to have meaningful conversations with thousands of alumni in a single afternoon. We've seen increased alumni engagement which has resulted in increased donations for our institution. Our team has a blast using the product–it's a great team building experience for us.

  • Catherine Marhenke, Sr. Associate Director, Annual Giving

The Problem

With close to 3,000 students, Colgate strives to push the boundaries of research, technology, and the arts, and to build a diverse population of globally-minded students and alumni. Annual giving plays a large part in setting up Colgate for success, but previous methods of attempting to reach students through antiquated channels resulted in alumni unsubscribing to email blasts, direct mail that went straight into the recycling bin, unanswered phone calls, and unseen social media posts.

The Solution

Before Hustle, Jessica evaluated other texting solutions but found herself concerned that the blast-style, impersonal messaging would cause negative pushback from their alumni. Hustle was the only messaging solution that enabled genuine, human connection and opportunities to maintain a dialogue with students and alumni, while still maintaining the institutional voice of the university.

The Outcome

Using Hustle, Colgate reached out to over 10,000 students and alumni to drive annual giving efforts before the end of the fiscal year. Not only were they able to reach more people than they were via their previous methods, over half of those who pledged made their gift!