It has been such a pleasure working with members of the Hustle team these past few months! They have the kindest, most accessible and flexible account managers I have ever worked with. And although I’m aware that Hustle has many clients to take care of, they make me feel like we are their most important one.

  • Don Yu, Director, Better Make Room Campaign

The Problem

Statistics show that students with parents who have attended college are 15% more likely to attend themselves. And students who come from households where at least one parent has received a degree from a four-year school are more likely to graduate from college. Students from nontraditional or financially disadvantaged backgrounds are significantly less likely to be admitted to college, to enroll in college, and to complete college.

The Solution

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama’s Better Make Room campaign is working hard to make sure college is accessible to everyone. Before Hustle, BMR was relying on outdated methods such as confusing email threads, unread White House press releases, and impersonal blast messages which were not meeting the outreach numbers and successes needed to achieve their goals. Powered by Hustle, Better Make Room’s UpNext program connects high school seniors and current college students with peer counselors and college coaches across the nation via one-to-one text messaging.

The Outcome

Now that Better Make Room is using Hustle, they’ve been able to see engagement rates as high as nearly 40%. Recently, Better Make Room connected with a student who was on the verge of dropping out of college due to difficulties he was having juggling multiple assignments. Better Make Room was able to use Hustle to provide personalized, direct assistance to the student, and shared resources on project management tools and links to online resources.